Social Networking and Blog Websites.

A blog is a website that lets people reflect, share opinions and talk about different subjects online while people may comment on posts. An example of a blogging website is;

Micro-blogging is basically where you update a status. People micro blog when they use social networking sites like twitter and bebo.

A micro-blogging entry could insist of nothing but short sentences, or images. Also you can’t chat online like a social networking site. You can upload pictures, videos and other stuff that a blogging site can’t do.

There are risks when signing up for a social networking site some of these are;

1. You could be talking to someone who is pretending to be someone else.

2.  People who you don’t know could save your pictures and keep them.

3.  Someone could look at your details e.g. what school you go and how old you are.

4. You can upload pictures that you wouldn’t want your parents seeing.

If young people don’t take precautions they might start talking to older men or woman or pretending to be someone else.  Young people could go on webcam and share pictures with them. They will act all sweet and caring and ask to meet up and find out the person who they have been taking to  is someone completely different and has been lying about who they are.

Some rules that you should follow whilst on a social networking site are;

1. Do not accept or add anyone you don’t know.

2. Don’t share any information about yourself on a website.

3.  Delete any emails you get from strangers.

4. Don’t talk to anyone you don’t know.

Some solutions for young people when something is wrong;

1.   Report Abuse Button  

2.  Police

3. Child Line

4. Someone you can trust e.g. a family member or friend.

I think social websites are good and bad. I think anyone under the age of 11 shouldn’t be allowed on social websites.

They can be good and bad. A good reason would be that; stay you can stay in touch with friends. A bad reason would be that someone you don’t know adds you and you accept and they start talking to you but they are pretending that they are someone who they isn’t.

I also think that social networking sites can be safe if you do not accept or add anyone you don’t know, put your profile to private so only your friends can see what is on your profile.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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